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ALHUI zet zich in voor cultuur waaronder muziek met als doel dit te bevorderen door middel van projecten te maken waaronder singer/songwriters en andere projecten.

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Albert Huizeling

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Presenteert t.b.v.

Presenteert t.b.v.

Singer/Songwriter cultuurmiddag

Zaterdag 27 januari 2018

Locatie hv kerkje op het kerkplein.

Aanvang 14:00u tot 17:00u


Met medewerking van

Sander Metz

Ron Lindeman

Dichter Marcel Vaandrager

Albert Huizeling

Timo de Jong

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Line Up Januari 2018

Singer songwriters write and perform their own songs. Words and music are the keywords and basic ingredients of a song. Ron wrote songs that have a personal meaning to him but also songs that have a general content. Like lovesongs. Besides that Ron loves to perform his songs. He can play solo with acoustic guitar of with a band. So if you are interested in booking Ron contact him via or (0031)0610407071.

Ron says: “Music is emotion.”

MusicMagic Live Sessions

Mid January 2018 Ron started the new MusicMagic Live Sessions for On Air Radio – Broadcast Almere. MusicMagic is a new series of live music radio shows in which Singer songwriters and small acoustic groups can play acoustic sessions with their own original songs ( no covers) live on location in a small venue. The live performances are recorded and later broadcasted by On Air Radio- Broadcast Almere. Here are some pictures.

Cultural event at Nes on the island of Ameland.

Ron was invited to perform at a cultural event organized by the Alhui Foundation on january 27th, 2018. The event was also a benefit concert for SOS Children Villages which is a foundation that provides shelter for children in among others Afracian counrties. Together with others he performed there.

Music events.

Ron also still organizes small music events such as Open Mic Nights.

Here are some pictures.

Since early 2017 Ron organises an Open Mic Night at the venue ‘t Boemeltje in Almere. It’s a mix of live music with Singer songwriters, small acoustic bands and singers. Ron says: “It’s always so nice to see how singing makes people happy!”

Ron can organize music events for anyone who is interested.

With live music and he can book artists for you and he takes care of the PA system and the sound.

If you are interested contact Ron via: or (0031)0610407071 .

Ron stills performs on a regular basis. He also does Instore performances in stores and shops such as in the Miller & Monroe clothing stores. Here are some pictures.

Optreden op 13 oktober 2018 in het mooie en gezellige restaurant De Busjop aan de Busschopsweg 9 in Heythuysen. Solo op akoestische gitaar speel ik covers en eigen originele liedjes. Van 14:00 tot 18:00 uur. Iedereen is welkom in het gezellige restaurant De Busjop.

Performance on October 13th, 2018 in the nice and cozy restaurant De Busjop located at the Busschopsweg 9 in Heythuysen. Solo on acoustic guitar I will play covers and original songs. From 14:00 till 18:00 hours. Everyone is welcome in this nice and cozy restaurant De Busjop.

Ron also works as and is available as a (ghost)writer and makes and writes manuscripts for other people. That can be (auto)biographies or just any other subject which is in range of interests.

Currently he is working on a manuscript about the life of an elder Dutch lady .

Here’s a picture of the front cover of the manuscript.  Just contact Ron if you are interested in having him work on a manuscript.

Karaoke Sing-a-long night November 30th,  2018 in Cafe ‘t Boemeltje, Stationsplein 2 Almere.

A lot of singing fun with a lot of very nice people. I love to organize such nights. .

Performance October 13th, 2018 in restaurant Busjop at Heythuysen in The Netherlands.It was such nice weather, that I played outside on the terrace.

Ron Lindeman plays original songs and covers.

Had a nice way to spend New Year's Eve .....performing, singing and playing guitar....had a nice meal....and getting paid too.....

Solo Performance on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.

Tuesday January 15th, 2019 I was with LareinaWilleke at the presentation of her audiobook ( Willeke Meijer Mijn Jeugd Vermoord/ My Youth Murdered ) at the SC-multimedia recording studio of Ben Gotink in owner, musician and audio engineer Ben Gotink together with voice-actress Tracey van Eijk ( whose voice is on the audiobook) handed over the CD with all the audiofiles to LareinaWilleke ....we all listened to a small piece of the audio which was very impressive....and I played some tunes and sang a couple was a nice impressive and emotional day....

Gluren bij de Buren is een huiskamerfestival wat in 23 steden in Nederland wordt gehouden en waar 1284 families hun huiskamer als podium laten gebruiken voor optredens van artiesten van allerlei aard. Singer songwriters, bands, dans-acts, kleinkunst, enz. Het festival vindt plaats op zondag 10 februari 2019.     

Ik treed op in de huiskamer aan de Spaarnestraat 97, 3812 HC Amersfoort waar ik driemaal een set van een half uur speel met enkel zelf geschreven originele liedjes.Geen covers. De sets beginnen om 12:45 uur, 14:15 uur en 15:45 uur. Toegang is vrij en iedereen is welkom. De koffie of iets anders staat klaar!


Peeking at the Neighbors is a festival in The Netherlands held in 23 Dutch cities when 1284 families open their houses and have their living rooms used as a stage for different types of artists, such as Singer songwriters, bands, dance acts, cabaret, etc. It takes place on February 10th, 2019.

I will perform in the living room at the address: Spaarnestraat 97, 3812 HC Amersfoort. I will play 3 live sets of 30 minutes and I will play solely my own original songs. No covers. The live sets start at 12:45 hours, 14:15 hours and 15:45 hours. Entrance is free and everybody is welcome. The coffee or other drinks will be ready for you!